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Innov@te Growth
More than 500 Innov@te Kiosks and WiFi hotspots are now live across the UK. With a further 200 in the pipeline.
Wifi Hotspots
Innov@te Wifi is now powering more than 200 secure Wireless Hotspots.
Campus Wifi
First of the new campus-wide Wifi installations are now live in both UK training centres and accommodation blocks.
New internet access models...
Innov@te Wifi is now available for contract as well as pay-as-you-go internet access.
Centrally managed roaming access is currently under development.
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Innov@te News

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September 2009
Innov@te commences roll out of wifi to a series of locations at another secure location, providing high speed, reliable internet on a pay as you go basis.
July 2009
Innov@te is awarded contract to provide wifi to a series of accommodation blocks, providing over 700 bedspaces with wifi on a contract, free to end user basis, including content filtering and secure consistent access.
June 2009
Innov@te installs Internet access systems into 100th location.
May 2009
Innov@te launches secure wifi hotspot at key MOD location, as part of a major roll out across accommodation and transit locations. Location is subject to strict controls and verification of end users before access to system is permitted.
March 2009
50th Innov@te Hotspot goes live.
February 2009
A further five accommodation blocks, totaling over 500 bedspaces on three different sites, go live with Innov@te secure wifi. Content filtering ensures that end users are not abusing the service provided as part of training courses, staff administering the system are delighted with the ease of use and customer service.
November 2008
Innov@te’s 100th Internet access system installation goes live : another 6 terminals and wifi in a café location.
August 2008
Innovate’s first full wifi installation to an accommodation block goes live. 80 users have access to high speed internet in the accommodation block they live in. Temporary visitors may access the internet on a pay as you go basis.
July 2008
Another milestone: Innovate installs 500th Internet access kiosk.
June 2008
Large internet café with 32 kiosk terminals and wifi goes live at key location for Innovate. Unit is opened by dignitaries from across the MOD
April 2008
30 kiosk terminal internet cafe in newly fitted location goes live.
April 2008
Innov@te launches 10th wifi hotspot, end users can now pay by paypal or prepaid tickets. Laptop station concept launched – end users can plug into Ethernet point for pay as you go internet access if equipment is not wifi enabled.
January 2008
Innovate launches first wifi hotspot in high transit area within a hotel. Initially 50 users a week, traffic was reported by the end of the first month as being over 200 users a week. Hotel staff are delighted with the ease of running the new system and have said that it is ‘reassuringly reliable’.